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Ignite Rocks - 332

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30 more examples of that wonderful creativity in the world of the musicians! Please retweet/share/tell people.... about these bands. They are SO important and their importance in our lives, just can not be underestimated!

Stryper - See No Evil Hear No Evil

Mädhouse - Hard Luck

Pistols At Dawn – Fly

Hearts And Hand Grenades – Human 14:16

Saliva – Always

Five Finger Death Punch - Wrong Side Of Heaven

Skyfever – Alchemy 28:15

Desert Of Talking Shadows - Empty Hearts

The Virginmarys - You’re A Killer

Ginevra - Siren's Calling 39:35

Coldwards - Whirlwind

Pylon Poets – Remedy

Mammoth WVH - Don't Back Down 50:55

Halestorm - Wicked Ways

Alter Bridge - Pawns & Kings

Stone Broken - Save Tomorrow 1:06:15

Ashen Reach – Prey

Ethyrfield – Remembering

Denied - Death by a 1000 Cuts 1:22:40

Black Whiskey - Down (Devils Highway)

Skid Row - Tear It Down

Modern Day Outlaw - Broken Man 1:35:33

Marty K & The Electric Hurricanes - Out Of Control (Feat. Mike Joseph)

Matt Mitchell And The Coldhearts – Mission

#MemoryLane (3 tracks in shows from a few years ago!)

Liberty Lies – Slower 1:48:40

Highly Suspect - Mr Asylum

Zero Theorem – Becoming

3 of the bands from the next 'Select' Bluesy Rock Show!

Orianthi - Light It Up 2:02:00

Kira Mac - Hit Me Again

96 Bitter Beings - Vaudeville's Revenge


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First show we look at 10 great covers Ignite Rocks select 1 Covers 1


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