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Ignite Rocks - 331

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Here are two and a bit hours of great vibes from musicians that have serious talent and extremely high levels of creative brilliance in their being! Here some 30 tracks that just feel so good to hear!

Alter Bridge - Addicted To Pain

50 Year Storm – Grace

Kill Strings – Navigation

Ortario -What It Takes 13:20

Revival Black - Broken Home

Kris Barras - Who Needs Enemies

Grey Daze – Drag 26:30

Amongst Liars - Reign

The Kut - And 1 More

Headcage - Side By Side 39:18

Wicked Stone - Broken Heartbeat

Tyrannosaurus Nebulous - Get Some

Mile - IntoThe Fire 54:00

Architects - Tear Gas

Tesla - Time to Rock!

These Wicked Rivers - Shine On 1:08:00

Porcelain Hill - Find A Way

The Howling Tides - Crack My Soul

Venues – Reflections 1:20:50

Rammstein - Angst

Emil Bulls - The Ninth Wave

Evergrey - Call Out The Dark 1:32:45

Slanderus - Absorbing Infinity

Ambassadors Of Eternity – Wreck

Jordan Red - Freak Show 1:50:20

Flyleaf - Fully Alive

Able Archer – Ghostmaker

Halestorm – Wicked Ways 2:00:10

White Raven Down - Lost Your Hold

Blacktoothed - You Never Know


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First show we look at 10 great covers Ignite Rocks select 1 Covers 1


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