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Ignite Rocks - 319

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Another 30 tracks filled with that yummy good energy that feels so good to hear! Timings of the start of each set added so you Fast Forward to that pert of the show if you so wish – just slide that disc between the 2 timer clocks in the player widget thing!

Piston - Let Us Rise (J.C.T Remix)

Incognito Theory - Blow It Up

The Veer Union - From The Fire In You

White Raven Down - Lost Your Hold 14:00

Cry For Mercy - Sons & Daughters

Wicked Smile - Last Goodbye

Ghost Arcadia - Never Break 28:24

Papa Roach - Leave A Light On

Native Son - Take It

These Wicked Rivers - Shine On 39:05

FOZZY – Purifier

Cavalcade - Sunshine Child

Thunder - Across The Nation 53:10

Blacktoothed - You Never Know

ThunderMother - The Road Is Ours

Just A Ride - So Yeah 1:05:50

Dragged Under - Crooked Halos

Dead Demons - Another Space In Time

Words That Burn - You're On Your Own 1:18:53

Ransom - Killing Time

Goodbye June – Black

Standing Crew - Cold Steel 1:32:22

Absolva - Fire In The Sky

Kris Barras - Who Needs Enemies

#Memory Lane

Alice Cooper -Poison 1:44:33

Delain - April Rain

Alter Bridge - Poison In Your Veins

A set from the Select #Blues/Rock 2 Show

Kira Mac - One Way Ticket 1:58:30

Zeal & Ardor - Church Burns

Ken Valdez – Alive


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First show we look at 10 great covers Ignite Rocks select 1 Covers 1


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