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Ignite Rocks - 317

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Here are some more new releases, some recent additions that were asked for and some bands that were fantastic with their social media promotion about being played on the last show! ALL available 24/7 for when you feel a ‘want’ for some of that special vibe from The Ignite Rock Show! 😄

Blacktoothed: You Never Know

Black Map: Super Delux

Amongst Liars: All Over Now (Ignite Session)

Piston: Let’s Us Rise (JCT Remix)

Absolva: Fire In The Sky

Collateral: Merry Go Round - Ignite Session

Cavalcade: Sunshine Child

Sonny Jim: As Strong As I Am

Goodbye June: BlacK

Wicked Smile: Last Goodbye

Skid Row: The Gangs All Here

White Raven Down: Lost Your Hold

These Wicked Rivers: Shine On

Black Lakes: Verity In Flames

Feeder: Born To Love You

Sulvain: Depths Of Hell

Planet Fatale: Break From You

Stormbringer: Mirage

Them Evils: Burner

The Heavy North: Satisfy You

The Howling Tides: Crack My Soul

Shedonst: There You Go

A Ritual Spirit: Fever Dream

Sons Of Liberty: Damaged Reputation

Ravenbreed: Insult

Ross Unread: Blind Lead the Blind

Big Foot: Freak Show

Dayshell: Blindside

Amorphis: On Dark Waters

Dead Demons: Blindside


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First show we look at 10 great covers Ignite Rocks select 1 Covers 1


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