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Ignite Rocks - 312

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Let the creativity flow! The timings after the first track in each set are there in case you want to fast forward the show to that set! Big thanks to all the musicians featured. For making the music, for the gigs, the tours AND....for telling your followers about being played on the show!

Theia - Fire

Florence Black - The Deep End

Kris Barras - Who Needs Enemies

Revival Black - Take You Out 13:04

Standing Like Statues - Truth Hurts

Amongst Liars - Kill The Tide

Attic Theory - Tattooed Heart 24:20

10Gauge – Demons

John Allen James - Small Town Messiah

Bad Wolves - If Tomorrow Never Comes 36:52

Diplomatic Immunity - The Hunt

Breathe Atlantis - Break The Silence

Black Whiskey - Down (Devils Highway) 48:38

Frank Palangi - Fire Of Love

Voltstorm – C.O.D.

A Ritual Spirit - Free the Fallen 1:00:00

Jack J Hutchinson - Call Of The Wild

Stonestrip – Runaway

Dying Light - The Cycle 1:12:43

The Pinpricks – Rainmaker

Coastal Fire Dept. - What Do I

Halestorm - The Steeple 1:23:43

Frozen Tears – You

Girish And The Chronicles - Rock and Roll Jack

Starset - My Demons 1:35:50

Seether - Betray & Degrade

Breaking Benjamin - The Diary Of Jane

Goodbye June - See Where The Night Goes 1:48:23

Elles Bailey - The Game


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