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Ignite Rocks - 310

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Spring is nearly here, we're on top of the 'you know what' & things are looking good for the months ahead. Here are 2 and a bit hours of bands whose music supports' that new energy!

Halestorm - The Steeple

Electric Black - Calendar Queen

Black Stone Cherry - Blame It On The Boom Boom

Delayed Departure - Division Bells 13:14

Miguel Montlaban And The Southern Vultures - Let's Try

Luxrem - Mobius (Feat Javier Amador)

Misery's Smile – Serenity 30:00

Sokojo – More

Like A Storm – Kingdom

Tyrannosaurus Nebulous - Deal with my Evil 43:00

Volcanova – Desolation

HammerFall - Venerate Me

Shinedown - Planet Zero 56:46

Frank Palangi - Fire Of Love

10Gauge – Demons

Black Swan - Generation Mind 1:09:00

Amongst Liars - Kill The Tide

Black Whiskey - Down (Devils Highway)

The Silent Wedding - Caught in the Web 1:22:02

Cellar Twins – Millenium

Van Go Go - Watch It Burn

Labor XII – Suffocate 1:37:47

Wicked Smile - Last Goodbye

Cold Shoulder - Don't Want You Back

In This Moment - Sick Like Me 1:51:41

Royal Blood - Out Of The Black

AncarA -The End (Easier Than Love)

Stone Broken – Revelation

Skarlett Riot – Stronger


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