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Ignite Rocks - 306

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2 and a bit more hours of great vibes and 'feel good' energy from some VERY talented musicians from all over the world. Music is SO important in the grand scheme of things; please do give this a share if you agree! For your friends, for the bands,, the venues....the world !

Kobra & The Lotus - Trigger Pulse

Revival Black - Believe

King Creature - Beautiful Fatality

Ivy Crown – Run 13:35

Rabid Hood - Hard to Get

Corrosive Sweden - Devil Of Mine

Black Star Jackals – Hollow 26:55

The Heavy North - Satisfy You

Mason Hill – DNA

50 Year Storm – Grace 39:30

Sons Of Liberty - Damaged Reputation

Skam - Wake Up

Future Palace - Heads Up 51:35

Wicked Smile - Last Goodbye

Master Dy - You Are Not Alone

Stellaris - Stand With Me 1.04.06

Matt Long & The Revenant Ones - Have My Say (Ignite Session)

Chris Steven - One More Time

Kryptos - Hot Wired

Bad Wolves - House Of Cards

Paisley Parc – Lost

Illusions of Grandeur - A Silence 1:29:35

The Hellacopters - Reap A Hurricane

Kris Barras - My Parade

#Memory Lane

Otherwise - Coming For The Throne 1:41:41

Black Sixteen – Freak

New Years Day - Disgust Me

Tremonti - If Not For You 1:53:30

Less Than Hollow – Fade

Smoking Martha - Wild And Free


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