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Ignite Rocks - 305

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2nd show of the New Year and loads of great vibes to spread out there! Gotta be careful spreading stuff these days, but the good feelings these musicians stir within......please spread the word with a share/retweet/post; even smoke signals if that's your thing!

50 Year Storm - Grace

Future Palace - Heads Up

Stormbringer – Mirage

FyreSky - Pleasure For Pain 14:33

White Raven Down - Roll Of The Dice

Gin Annie – Jealousy

Amongst Liars – Truth 26:30

Dead Writers - Among Spirits

Florence Black - The Deep End

Sinister King - Still Here 38:14

Signs Of Truth – Now!

Corrosive Sweden - Devil Of Mine

Crossbones Creed - Big Gun 55:15

Urban Primate - Won't Follow

Attic Theory - Cold Hard Reality

Devilfire - Dead Man Walking 1;08:30

False Hearts - Cynical Love

Revival Black - No Secrets, No Lies

Black River - Crossover Love 1:21:10

Noija - Take Your Love and Leave

Oceans - The Awakening

Dayshell – Blindside 1:32:10

A Ritual Spirit - Underneath

VRSTY – Closer

#Memory Lane

Firestate - Give Me A Sign 1:46:00

Peur - Explosions

Five Finger Death Punch - Hell Top Pay

Chloe Trujillo ft. Rav Medic – Mana 1:56:20

Vdelli - Aint No Friend

Asking Alexandria - Alone Again


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First show we look at 10 great covers Ignite Rocks select 1 Covers 1


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