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Ignite Rocks - 297

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Ignite Rocks 297 Blog

A show filled with bands that 'feel good to hear' They all generate a positive energy with their creative talents – and we all need that energy! Musicians are SO important in the world – do you agree? If so, please tell others about these bands!


The Hot One Two - Playing With Fire

Halestorm - Back From the Dead

Black Water Fiend - Bring The Fire

Myles Kennedy -A Thousand Words (13:19)

Mason Hill - Broken Son

Wicked Smile - Date with the Devil

The Bad Flowers - Living the Dream (25:15)

Dig Lazarus – Feel

The Flies - Ignorance Is Bliss

Florence Black - Black Cat (37:05)

A Ritual Spirit – Zion

Planet Fatale - Break For You

Black Star Jackals – Hollow (50:10)

Hunted By Elephants - Keep on Giving Me Loving

Dead Soul Revival - Let it Ride

White Raven Down - Roll Of The Dice (1:01:40)

Skam - Fade Out

Frozen Tears - Brazen Whisper

Ayron Jones - Mercy (1:14:50)

Pop Evil – Set Me Free

Shinedown - Attention Attention

Signs Of Truth – Now! (1:26:36)

Crazy Lixx - Rise Above

Future Radio - State Of Emergency

#Memory Lane

Days of Jupiter – Awakening (1:40:47)

Wearing Scars - Stand Alone

Stone Broken – I Believe (Ignite Session)

Suspyria - The Damage (1:53:50)

Mellor - Lost In This World


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First show we look at 10 great covers Ignite Rocks select 1 Covers 1


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