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Ignite Rocks - 296

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So much creativity bubbling away amongst all the musicians! Maybe it's something to do with the music biz coming back to life now that we're on top of you know what! Time to start living life again.

Fallen Mafia – Stars

Mellor - Lost In This World

Matt Long & The Revenant Ones – Have My Say (Ignite Session)

Tri State Corner - Run Away (15:30)

Master Dy - You Are Not Alone

Amongst Liars - Kill The Tide

Nightblade - What's Your Name (28:20)

WaxMekanix – Head

King Of The Dead – Control

Mount Holly - Given What You Want (42:30)

Dead Blonde Stars - Bitter Tongue

Ashen Reach - Fighting For My Life

The Rising - Highway To The Lost & Found (54:52)

Bad Wolves – Lifeline

The Georgia Thunderbolts - It's Alright

Less Than Hollow - The Better Man (1:06:56)

Wildstreet - Mrs Sleazy

10Gauge -Judgement Day

The Veer Union – Nightmare (1:17:11)

Trident Waters - Good Time Roller

Mastodon – Teardrinker

Raider - High Speed Woman (1:30:25)

LA Guns – Cannonball

Gin Annie – Jealousy

Three Days Grace - I Am Machine (1:41:40)

Red Calling - Let Me Fade

Blame The Scared - Six Shots of Hate

Strange Legend - Can't Breathe 2021 York Final (1:55:20)

A Joker Among Thieves – Runaway

Kissin' Dynamite - What Goes Up


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