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Ignite Rocks - 295

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Wicked Smile - Last Goodbye

Planet Fatale - Break For You

Tremonti - Thrown Further

Plush – Athena (17:40)

Mammoth WVH - Don't Back Down

Halestorm - Black Vultures

#MMM (MariasMusicMix!)

Indya - Love Like Champagne (30:50)

King of the Dead - Damned

Dead Reynolds - Not My Place

Amongst Liars -Crucify (42:10)

Florence Black - Sun & Moon

The Rising - Highway to the Lost & Found

Scarlet Rebels - Nothing To Say (54:45)

Damon Johnson & The Get Ready - Battle Lessons

Buckcherry – Hellbound

10Gauge - Judgement Day (1:06:06)

Feral Sun - Stand Up

Less Than Hollow - The Better Man

Diplomatic Immunity - Now's The Time (1:16:20)

Karobela – Libertine

Master Dy - You Are Not Alone

Hunted By Elephants - Keep on Giving Me Loving (1:29:25)

Devoid - Martial Hearts

Northern Redemption - Contribution (Oct21 version)

#MemoryLane (3 tracks from old shows!)

Black Star Riders - Dancing With the Wrong Girl (1:44:10)

Federal Charm – Choke

The Struts - Body Talks

Feeder – Magpie (1:53:40)

Skyfever - Burning Hands


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