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Ignite Rocks - 291

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It's such a treat to play these bands for you! Here are 2 more hours of examples of the great music creativity in motion out there right now! Including a #ListenerRecommendsBands set, the #TripleM set & the #MemoryLane set. We're here 24/7 so come for a play whenever the mood suits!


Tremonti - If Not For You

South Of Salem - Pretty Little Nightmare

The Hot One Two -Tie Me Down

Turnstile – Holiday (14:00)

Ayron Jones: Take Me Away

Mount Holly: Given What You Want

Broken Romeo - Revolution (feat. Chris O' Gorman) (25:25)

Papa Roach - Kill The Noise

Did Lazarus - Sky Tonight

Incognito Theory - Set It Off (37:30)

Wicked Smile - Last Goodbye

Feral Sun - Stand Up

Black Water Fiend - Bring The Fire (49:50)

Pop Evil - Breathe Again

In This Moment - The In-Between

Mason Hill - Broken Son (1:00:53)

MC Roads - Stoned In Love

Influence - The Elements

Kris Barras - Dead Horses (1:15:00)

Black Stone Cherry - Ringin In My Head

Manimal - Burn in Hell

The Grandmaster - The Tempest (1:27:00)

Edge Of Paradise - False Idols

They Fell From The Sky - The Line

Ages Apart - Civil War (1:39:10)

Emil Bulls - The Ninth Wave

Killcode – Shot

Jason Payne & The Black Leather Riders - The Purge (

Last Temptation - Ashes And Fire

Lacuna Coil - Layers of Time


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