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Ignite Rocks - 287

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Here's another 2 and a bit hours of positive energy generated by some fantastically talented musicians! The 1st track in each set has a time in brackets after the title to make it easier to find the set if you want to 'Fast Forward' to that point of the show!

Blitz - Keep Moving On

Thundermother - You Cant Handle Me

Black Water Fiend - Bring The Fire

#LRB (Listener Recommended Bands!)

Five Finger Death Punch - A Little Bit Off (12:18)

Nightwish - Noise

Thunder - Destruction

#MMM (Maria's Music Mix!)

Miserys Smile - My Misery (27:10)

Like A Storm - Liar

The Now - Dr Jones

Fozzy – Sane (38:40)

She - Comatose

WEBB - When Darkness Falls

10 Gauge - Judgement Day (49:20)

Scarlet Rebels - Storm

Matt Long And The Revenant Ones - Feel Like A Saint

Future Lows – Broken (1:02:25)

Bloodshot Cosmonaut – Thunder-Chief

Those Damn Crows - Sick of Me

Vega - Ain't Who I Am (1:15:30)

Manimal - Armageddon

Ashen Reach - Fighting For My Life

Joe Bonamassa – Notches (1:27:10)

MC Roads - Smile Like A Knife

Downcast - Britannia Mills

Vimic - My Fate (1:39:49)

Sertraline - Change Of Heart

Days Of Jupiter - We Will Never Die

PSSR - She's All Right (1:52:52)

Smoking Martha - Good Girls

Calling All Captains - Undone


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