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Ignite Rocks - 286

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Two and a bit hours of great energy, inspiring vibes and all round good feelings! Full of new releases, debuts and tracks you'll be familiar with. All available 24/7 up here in the cloud for when you feel a need for music fuelled stimulation!

Those Damn Crows - Sick of Me

King Creature - Falling Down Again

Revival Black - Step In Line

Tremonti - If Not For You (from 14:40)

King Voodoo - Drag Me To The Water

Edenthorn - The Noise In My Head (2021)

#MMM (#MariasMusicMix!)

10 Gauge - Judgement Day (from 26:40)

Northern Royals - Waves (I Want It All)

The Dust Coda - She's Gone

Mr. Battle - King Of The Wasteland (from 41:20)

Heligan - Castaways

Less Than Hollow – Disappointed

S.A.M. - So Low (from 53:38)

Classless Act - Give It To Me

Dust Radio - Dead Mans Crawl

Dee Snider - Down But Never Out (from 1:06:10)

Eva Under Fire - Blow (Ft Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills)

Royal Bloom - Dear God

Ignite The Fire – Fine (from 1:21:00)

Cry For Mercy - Roll the Dice

Ashen Reach - Fighting For My Life

Jason Payne & The Black Leather Riders - The Purge (from 1:33:40)

Black Lakes - Deathrone

Electric Black - Love Is a Light (For The Lost)

At The Sun - Walk On Over (from 1:47:00)

Red Calling - Break The Silence

Three Left - Whiskey Bent And Hell Bound

Dirty Honey - The Wire (from 2:44:00)

Calling All Astronauts - New World Disorder

Thrice - Scavengers


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