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Ignite Rocks - 284

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

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There's just so much creativity going on out there in the music world right now! Here are 30 examples of that creativity, all available 24/7, 365 days a year! Come have a play, it's filled with bands 'that feel good to hear!'

Scarlet Rebels – Storm

Venues – Mountains

Black Lakes – Deathrone

#LRB (Listener Recommended Bands)

The Heavy North - No Good

Dust Radio - Dead Mans Crawl

Electric Black - Love Is a Light (For The Lost)

Thanks Veronica!

Desert of Talking Shadows - Quit Your Bitching

Coastal Fire Deptartment – Gun

Northern Royals - Get What You Give

Attick Demons - The Flame of Eternal Knowledge

Tri State Corner – Hypocrisia

Wrex – Halfway

Andrew WK - Everybody Sins

Stellaris - Stand With Me

Thundermother - You Cant Handle Me

Within Temptation - Shed My Skin

Dead Reynolds - Bring it Down

Northern Royals - Wild Ones

Crossing Is Dotting Ts – Dissatisfied

Lil Lotus - Think Of Me Tonight

Real Sickies - Destructive Nights

Rascal Whack - Raging Groove

Tearfuleyes – Whispering

Chloe Trujillo and Rav Medic - Lightning Strikes Twice

As Lions - White Flags

EverSay - This Time

The Protest - What Else You Got

As Everything Unfolds - Stranger In The Mirror

Five Finger Death Punch - Darkness Settles In

Caskets - The Only Ones


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