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Ignite Rocks - 280

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A plethora of tracks from a selection of the fantastic bands that are out there right now giving us reasons to smile and be happy! Musicians; you're amazing people!

Ashen Reach – Epiphany

Collateral – Lullaby

Skam - Bring The Rain

(BandsRecomendBands – band 2 picks bands 1 & 3!)

Wasted History - Pinball Dreams

Silent Hive - Fatal Heights

While She Sleeps - Silence Speaks with Oli Sykes


Yard Of Blondes - Teenage Dreams

Broken Links - The Day Called X

Mo Magnet - Motorcycle (Straight to Hell)

Stand Amongst Giants – Broken

Shyyne - Movin' On

The Georgia Thunderbolts - Take It Slow

Lions At The Gate - Not Even Human

Less Than Hollow - Critical

The Hot One Two -Tie Me Down

Toxic Rose - Outta Time

Coe Hill - Edge Of Collapse (feat. Tyler Small of Saving Vice)

Mammoth WVH – Epiphany

Frank Palangi - Fire Of Love

hrz - My Way Or The Highway

Novatines – Joyride

Shotgun Mistress - Bleed Me Out

Arogya - Misery's Lair

Social Disorder: Love 2 Be Hated

(3 tracks that sound as good today as when 1st played a few years ago!)

Wearing Scars - Just Had To Let You Know

Like A Storm - Love The Way You Hate Me

Fozzy - Drinkin' With Jesus

Enemy Inside - Release Me

Dear Mother - Invincible

Amethyst - Straight To Hell


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