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Ignite Rocks - 278

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Ignite Rocks 278

There are 2hours & 5mins filled with examples of the brilliant creativity going on in the world of musicians! And it all starts with 3 more bands from, what will surely be, 'The Album Of Summer '21!' Pre-orders from

Come for a swim in the pool of positivity, it feels good on the ears!

King Creature – Captives

Rews - Today We're Warriors

Massive Wagons & Friends -Tokyo 2021

Dead Romantic - Kissed With A Lie

Of Mice & Men - Pulling Teeth

Savage Hands - Love No More

Broken Links - Cold War

Stay For Tomorrow - I Don't Need You To Save Me

Natural Mystery Museum - We Don't Speak

Jordan Red - Hands That Built The World

Dear Mother – Invincible

Shyyne - Movin' On

Motive Black – Broken

Black Swan - Big Disaster

The Vendettas – Guardians

Vdelli - Aint No Friend

Ellis Mano Band - The Question

Light The Torch - Let Me Fall Apart

Lions At The Gate - Not Even Human

They Fell From The Sky - Crush This World

Dead Soul Revival - Down For The Last Time

Stellaris - Stand With Me

Profiler – Metamorphosis

Sorrow & The Spire - My Misery Calling

A Day To Remember – Naivety

Hunter & The Bear - Who's Gonna Hear You

Shuulak - Unholy Fire

Blood Command - A Villain's Monologue

Kvelertak – Berserkr


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