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Ignite Rocks - 260

Two hours of bands that 'feel good to hear' – at least, that's the idea behind this show! If you enjoy it as much as that person over there (!); please retweet/share/smoke signal/telegraph it and spread the word about these bands.

Along with our front line NHS & Emergency Services crews, the musicians are keeping us sane, safe and happy; they deserve the publicity you can provide, they really do. I thank you for spreading the word; just as I'm sure they do too.

Wicked Smile – Killer At Large

Inglorious – She Won't Let Go

Ravenbreed – Wasted Over You

Tax The heat – Animals

Black Spiders – Stay Down

Therion – Tuonella

10 Gauge - I’m Broken

Red Room Therapy - How Much Is Enough?

Skyfever - Where I Walk

Stellaris – Why Won't You Love Me

The Late Aprils – Dying For A Future

Unknown Refuge – If The Gods Be Good

Northern Redemption – Spirit Walker

Standing Like Statues – Skylines

Holding Absence – Afterlife

Walking Papers – What Did You Expect

Crownlands – End Of The Road

The Deftones – Ohms

Wasted History – Forever

Yesterdays Gone – Break Me

The Dirty Denims – Thunder From Down Under

Phil X & The Drills – I Love You On Her Lips

Arogya – Broken

Matt Long & The Revenant Ones – Have My Say

Deltorers – I Guess We'll Wait & See

Shinedown – Asking For It

Mordecai – Just One Life

Black Stone Cherry – In Love With The Pain

The Heavy North – Bring Me Love

Asking Alexandria – They Don't Want What We Want


#LRB – Listener Recommended Bands

#MMM – Marias Music Mix

#CMM – Canadian Marias Mix

#Memory Lane – 3 tracks from shows of old!


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