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Ignite Rocks - 251

Two hours of great energy from some amazing musicians! The idea is that these bands leave you 'feeling for hearing' what they have created. If that's the lasting effect; all our jobs are done & we can all sleep well knowing we did something good today! Please share and spread the word if you feel what this music does!

Bad Wolves - Learn To Walk Again

The 501s – Rage

Jordon Red - Way Down

Jack J Hutchinson - World On Fire 10:47

Voodoo Six - Liar And A Thief

Blackbird Sons - Cross the Line

Attic Theory - Cold Hard Reality 23.20

The Goldborns - Broken Homes

Tyler Bryant And The Shakedown – Misery

Unknown Refuge - If The Gods Be Good 34:55

Wasted History - Pinball Dreams

Stoneface - Carnival Of Pain

LA Guns - All That You Are 47:57

The Hot One Two - Rolling Stone

Broken Empire - My Only Enemy

The Dead Heads - Push Me 1:01:04

Broken Witt Rebels - Take It

Kickin' Valentina - Somebody New

Healthy Junkies -Tricky Situation 1:13:52

Sick Walt -Demand The Stage

As Everything Unfolds - Take Me There

My Kind Of Chaos - Making Zombies 1:24:30

Holding Absence - Beyond Belief

Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons - Born To Roam

Nine Miles South – Bones

AC/DC - Highway to Hell

Killcode – Shot

Architects – Animals

Avalanche - Get Back (To Fuckwit City)

Asking Alexandria - They Don't Want What We Want


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