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Ignite Rocks - 246

Two hours of music with a good feel to it! New releases from bands you know, new bands you may not have heard yet, a #ListenerRecomendedBands set. a #TripleM. a #CMM and.... a trip down the shows #MemoryLane - 3 tracks that sound as good today as they did when first played a few years ago! We're here all week & 24/7 to fit in with your need!

Black Stone Cherry - Ringing in My Head

Unknown Refuge - Shadows

Scott Stapp - World I Used To Know

Ivy Crown - Not Who We Are 16:16

Pretty Maids - Undress Your Madness

Forever Still – Scars

Bastette - Stand Back 29:50

King Creature - Captives

Broken Machine – 1913

Donna Cannone - Cross The Line 41:40

Concrete Kingdoms – Die The Day

CAN (Charlie And Nick) – Plastic Tree

Elevation Falls – Are You Ready 53:30

Jeff Carlson Band – So Long

Killfeather – Never Stop

The Dead Daises – Bustle And Flow 1:04:10

Smackdown – Run

Richie Kotzen – Raise The Cain

When Rivers Meet -Battleground 1:14:12

Standing Like Statues – Skylines

Blame The Sacred – The Exiled

Full House Brew Crew – Cult Of Misery 1:26:48

Madre Sun – Black River

The Ramshackles – Out Of Line

The Raven Age – Surrogate 1:39:00

Dead Mans Whiskey – War Machine (Ignite Session)

Steel Panther – I Got What You Want

ReEmerge 20Twenty 1:52:45

Accept – The Undertaker

Eva Under Fire – Heroine


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