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Ignite Rocks - 243

Starting with a new Alter Bridge release, this show has a 2 hour 10 min' stream of positive energy, through some very creative vibes generated by a plethora of fantastic bands from around the world! Please share & retweet to spread the vibes and for publicity for the bands - there's nothing like making others smile!

If you have any requests, want to plug you band or just say hi, scroll to the bottom and leave us a comment

Alter Bridge - Native Son

White Raven Down - Broken Door

Molly Karloff - She Said

Eva Under Fire – Heroine

Kingdom Of Giants - Wayfinder

Unknown Refuge - To The Light

#MMM Set

Doris Brendel and Lee Dunham - Takes One To Know One

Tokyo Taboo - American Dream

Luna Aura - Talking To Me

Gallows Circus - Medicine Man

Rews - Today We're Warriors

Blackbird Sons - You Really Got It

Tyla Yaweh – Tommy Lee

Austin Gold - You Got It All

Five Finger Death Punch - Inside Out

#CMM Set

The Tea Party - Black River

The Deftones – Ohms

Crobot - Keep Me Down

Frank Palangi - Dead Man

Smash Into Pieces - Boomerang ft Jay Smith

Dead Reynolds - By Your Side

Two Weeks In Nashville - All About Now

The Burning - Headed To Hell

Speed Stroke - Soul Punx

#Memory Lane Set

Federal Charm – Choke

Zero Theorem – Becoming

Ravenbreed – Insult

Blues Pills - Rhythm in the Blood

Florence Black - Bird On a Chain

Stealing Eden - Say Goodbye


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