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Ignite Rocks - 325

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Here are 2 hours and 10 mins of creative brilliance from 30 bands whose music will surely be with us forever. Musicians; they put SO much good energy out into the world!

Electric Black - Closer To Death (Ignite Sessions)

Wicked Stone - Say Goodbye to Yesterday

Piston - Let Us Rise (J.C.T Remix)

Scarlet Rebels - Live - Let Me In 15:18

Escape The Fate - Remember Every Scar

FOZZY – Purifier

Mother Vulture – Honey 27:20

Papa Roach - Killing Tim

WREX – Paradise

Florence Black - Sun & Moon 36:08

White Raven Down - Lost Your Hold

Tremonti - Let That Be Us

Nothing Known - Take Me Out 51:30

Less Than Hollow - Insulted

Sulvain - Depths Of Hell

Biddy & The Bullets - Dark Side 1:03:31

Goodbye June - Three Chords

Bone Broke Kings - Emily Rose

Cavalcade - Sunshine Child 1:17:04

Frank Palangi - Fire Of Love

As Lost As Alice – Eleanor

Black Tree Vultures – Veins 1:29:31

Halestorm - Wicked Ways

Zac & The New Men - Social Blur

Wearing Scars - Just Had To Let You Know 1:41:55

Yesterday's Gone - Break Me

Slipknot – Psychosocial

More Ignite Sessions

Matt Long and the Revenant Ones - So (Ignite Session) 1:54:40

Feral Sun - Stand Up (Ignite Session)

The Hot One Two - Bleed On Me - (Ignite Session)


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First show we look at 10 great covers Ignite Rocks select 1 Covers 1


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