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Ignite Rocks - 315

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Here's some more of that magic energy that only musicians know how to generate! There's a host of new releases, some replays of recent additions, some requests, the #TripleM & #MemoryLane sets AND 3 of the #IgniteSession recordings as the final set – yes, you can FF

The Heavy North - Satisfy You

Black Map - Super Deluxe

50 Year Storm – Grace

White Raven Down - Lost Your Hold (15.00)

Def Leppard -Kick

Amongst Liars – Money

Goodbye June - Breathe and Attack (27:45)

Nothing But Real - Behind the Door

Whiskey Myers - John Wayne

Frank Palangi - Fire Of Love (43:00)

Mothers Mersey - See Right Through You

Blacktoothed – Pulse

Halestorm - The Steeple (54:36)

Just A Ride - No Way Out

Black Lakes - Verity in Flames

10Gauge – Demons (1:06:06)

Feral Sun - Stand Up (Ignite Session)

Less Than Hollow – Karma

Skam - Fade Out (1:16:00)

Shinedown - Planet Zero

Thunder - Dancing In The Sunshine

First Signal - Show Me The Way (1: 31:15)

Crushed By Waves - Do Or Die

Midnite Hellion - Speed Demon

Colt48 - Hate Hate Relationship (1:42:57)

Tonight Alive - Lonely Girl

Parkway Drive – Prey

The Hot One Two - Rolling Stone - (Ignite Session) WATCH NOW (1:55:10)

Matt Long And the Revenant Ones - Feel Like A Saint (Ignite Session) WATCH NOW

Wicked Stone - One Time (Ignite Session) WATCH NOW


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