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Ignite Rocks - 314

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

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Just over 2 hrs of great music from some really creative and talented musicians – not to mention the shows producer! Please do spread the word about these bands they really do deserve the attention; I mean............. imagine a world without music – hmmmmm, I'd rather not!

White Raven Down - Lost Your Hold

Incognito Theory - Set It Off

Standing Like Statues - Truth Hurts

Voltstorm – C.O.D. 12:40

10Gauge – Demons

Blacktoothed - You Never Know

Amongst Liars - Cut It

Graves & The Bad Weather - Bad Woman

The Monocasters - Act of Terror

Thieves Of Liberty - Ain't Goin Home

Black Water Fiend - Wish You Well

King Creature -Beautiful Fatality

Cross Eyed Lover - Blonde Zombie

Stormbringer – Mirage

Tyrannosaurus Nebulous – Magnetar

Kris Barras - Who Needs Enemies

Ugly Kid Joe - Everything About You

Thunder - The Western Sky

Leader Of Down – Hitman

Youth Illusion - Blood On My Hands

The Heathens Project - Death At The Helm

Badflower – Sasshole

Zac and The New Men – Deeper

The Heavy North - Satisfy You

Absolva - Warrior Soldier

Three Days Grace - I Am Machine

Lady Jane's Revenge - The Kid Within

Dayshell - Blindside

The Last Vinci - Glitter Slaughterhouse

Degreed - Feed The Lie


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First show we look at 10 great covers Ignite Rocks select 1 Covers 1


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