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Ignite Rocks - 307

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2 hours & 10 mins of great sounds. New releases, new bands to the show, recent additions and regulars; along with some music news, chit chat and some aeroplanes, motorbikes cars and a cow in the mix!

Stone Broken - Revelation

Labor XII – Suffocate

Shyyne - Movin' On

10Gauge -Judgement Day (13:30)

Feral Sun - Stand Up (Ignite Session) WATCH NOW

Less Than Hollow – Fade

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Shedonist - Black Hole (24:30)

Mandalay Blonde - Rise Like Lions

Mason Hill - Out of Reach

A Ritual Spirit – Underneath (39:40)

50 Year Storm - Grace

The Hot One Two - Rolling Stone (Ignite Sessions)

Sabaton - Soldier Of Heaven (54:42)

Absolva - Fire In The Sky

Sunspy - I Am The Reason

Voltstorm - One Life (1:06:27)

Unkown Refuge - Battle Hymm

Jack J Hutchinson - Call Of The Wild

Florence Black - The Deep End (1:22:00)

Revival Black - So Alive

Hollowstar - Good Man Gone

Gin Annie – Jealousy (1:33:00)

Bad Touch - Come A Little Closer

Inglorious – Medusa

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3 Years Hollow - Chemical Ride (1:44:40)

Beneath The Silence - Ashes

A New Tomorrow - Back To Life

Cherokee Redmex - Turn It Around (Stuart Epps Radio Mix) (1:56:00)

Zac and The New Men – Deeper

Rust & Rage – Prisoner


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First show we look at 10 great covers Ignite Rocks select 1 Covers 1


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