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Ignite Rocks - 302

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IRS 302 blog

2 hrs & 9 mins of bands that 'Feel Good To Hear!' Some you will have heard, some you may not have heard yet; but I hope you enjoy hearing! And it's all mixed together by the brilliant #MrProducerMan! Starting with 2 tracks recorded right here, in the studio

Feral Sun - Stand Up (Ignite Session)

Matt Long & The Revenant Ones - Have My Say (Ignite Session)

Stormbringer – Medication

Kris Barras - My Parade (15:20)

Master Dy - You Are Not Alone

Coastal Fire Dept - What Do I

Cavalcade - Dreaming About (28:20)

Papa Roach - Dying To Believe

Ravenbreed - Among Ghosts

Three Days Grace - So What (39:10)

Supreme Unbeing - Hide The Beast

Wildstreet - Mrs Sleazy

Dohny Jep - Dial Up (50:00)

Shades Of Gray - Perfect Day

Smoking Martha - Wild And Free

As I May – Charged (1:02:10)

Social Disorder - Raise A Glass

Strange Legend - Can't Breathe 2021 York Final

Sinister King - A Cure For Insomnia (1:16:00)

Amongst Liars - Kill The Tide

Plush – Athena

Molly Karloff - She Said (1:29: 15)

Hearts & Hand Grenades - Between The Lines

Mason Hill - Broken Son

Stealing Eden - All I Need (1:43:20)

Dream State - In This Hell

Twister - 64 White Lies

Mast - K S A (1:56:40)

FOXHAUNT – Monster

Wearing Scars - Just Had To Let You Know


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First show we look at 10 great covers Ignite Rocks select 1 Covers 1


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