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Ignite Rocks - 300

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Here are loads more positive energies to enjoy from some VERY creative and talented musicians! AND all available 24/7 for when it suits your schedule/desire for great music! Please do spread the word about these bands – many out there playing live right now!

Kris Barras - My Parade

Attic Theory - Cold Hard Reality

Ashen Reach - Fighting For My Life

Pre order Death Valley Paradise by Kris Barras here

Cry For Mercy - Roll the Dice (12:30)

Dead Reynolds – Uninspired

Sinsation – Alligator

Dead Reynolds Tickets here

Volbeat - Shotgun Blues (27:12)

Reef - Shoot Me Your Ace

The Kut – Animo

Liberty Lies - A Thousand People (40:05)

Skarlett Riot - Black Cloud

Those Damn Crows - Sick of Me

Scarlet Rebels - No One Else To Blame (Live) (53:35)

Wicked Smile - Date With The Devil

Daxx & Roxanne - Hard Rockin' Man

Dead Romantics - Waste Of Who I Am (1:05:50)

Future Palace – Paradise

Inglorious – Medusa

Dead Writers - Among Spirits (1:18:50)

The Jokers - Rock n Roll Bones

Shadow Smile - You're Safe

Saxon - Carpe Diem (1:31:45)

Nightblade - Feeding the Reel

HellYeah - I Don't Care Anymore (1:42:40)

Killit - Crash And Burn

Burn Down Rydell - Fight

Buckcherry – Gun (1:56:10)

Incognito Theory - Set It Off

Signs Of Truth - Now!


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First show we look at 10 great covers Ignite Rocks select 1 Covers 1


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