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Ignite Rocks - 290

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Here are this weeks inclusions with the number in brackets after the first of the 3 indicating the start time of that set!

Empyre - New Republic

Hollowstar – Sinner

Mason Hill – Hold On

Webb - Concrete Beds (14:30)

Shyyne - Movin' On

Sons Of Liberty - Damaged Reputation

Massive - Rise (27:00)

Broken Links - T.T.O.

Northern Royals – Fools

Nekromant -The Woods (39:40)

Amongst Liars - Black Days

10 Gauge -Judgement Day

Sister Kill Cycle - Mrs Amerika (52:10)

Bloodshot Cosmonaut – Thunder-Chief

Warkings - We Are The Fire

The Hellfreaks - Old Tomorrows (1:04:50)

Badflower - F kboi

Every Time I Die – Post-Boredom

Those Without – Webspinner (1:15:20)

Planet Fatale - Break For You

Feral Sun - Stand Up

A Ritual Spirit – Sacrifice (1:29:00)

Mr. Battle -King Of The Wasteland 2021

Concrete Kingdoms – Awake

#Memory Lane (3 tracks from shows of old!)

Shinedown - Asking For It (1:42:11)

Black Whiskey - Bitter Pill

Alter Bridge - Addicted To Pain

Turanis - The Playground (1:55:36)

Manimal – Armageddon

Skam - Fade Out


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