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Ignite Rocks - 289

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Just over two hours of tracks that feel good to hear created by musicians with real talent and creative energy! Please spread the word about these bands, the world needs these vibes!

LA Guns - Knock Me Down

Halestorm - Back From the Dead

Asking Alexandria - Alone Again

#LRB (Listener Recomended Bands set!)

Empyre -Too Close (12:10)

Inglorious - Medusa

Liberty Lies – Slower

#MMM (MariasMusic Mix!)

Coastal Fire Dept - Loner (24:50) Billy Idol - Bitter Taste Cavalcade - Feels Like Home

WEBB - When Darkness Falls (39:00)

Future Lows – Broken

Boston Manor - Carbon Mono

Nocturne Wulf – Butcher (53:30)

Our Mirage - Through the Night

Little Thief – Freak

Santana - Move (Ft. Carlos Santana, Rob Thomas & American Authors) (1:07:40)

Tremonti - If Not For You

MC Roads - Smile Like A Knife

Without End – Burdens (1:19:35)

Anette Olzon - Fantastic Fanatic

Crazy Lixx - Anthem For America

Caskets - Drowned In Emotion (1:35:00)

Steal The City - Beating Heart

Catalysts - You Got No Soul

#MemoryLane (3 tracks from shows of old!)

The Veer Union – Nightmare (1:48:40)

Mallen - Polarity

A Ritual Spirit – Sacrifice

Sabaton - Kingdom Come (2:02:30)

Vendetta Love - Witches and Thieves

Don Broco - One True Prince


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