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Ignite Rocks - 281

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Ignite Rock Show 281 Blog

Welcome to 30 bands that ALL feel really good to hear! And available to you..... 24/7 ;-)

Dee Snider - I Gotta Rock (Again)

Stellaris - Stand With Me

Fozzy – Sane

Matt Long And The Revenant Ones - Feel Like A Saint

The Cold Stares - Heavy Shoes

Within Temptation - Shed My Skin

Northern Royals - Wild Ones

The Heavy North - No Good

Wax Mekanix - Mad World

Big City - The Rush

Venues - Mountains

Attick Demons - The Flame of Eternal Knowledge

White Raven Down - Not Alone

Ryders Creed - Cut Me Down

Gin Annie - Born To Rock n Roll

Mr. Battle - King Of The Wasteland

Those Without - Pink Alligator

Attic Theory - Cold Hard Reality

Cancel The Transmission - Rise Again

WREX - Wide Eyes

Arion - Out Of My Life

Dead Reynolds - Bring it Down

Ravenbreed - Echoes

Astoria State - Leave It To Me

Airbourne - It's All For Rock N' Roll

Lacuna Coil - Nothing Stands In Our Way

Beyond The Black - Million Lightyears

Little Triggers - YEH MAN

Black Spiders - Give Em What They Want

Powerwolf - Dancing with the Dead


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