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Ignite Rocks - 261

Spring is not far away! Here are 30 bands that feel as-good-as that wonderful season! New releases, debuts on the show and some tracks you may be familiar with; all mixed up into one show to entertain and add a wave of positive energy to the moments that you listen!

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10 Gauge - I'm Broken

The Fallen State – Knives

Circus 66 - Jekyll Or Hyde

Minefield - Seventh Heaven

As Everything Unfolds - Stranger In The Mirror

Tetrarch - Never Listen

Shedonist -Daddy

Willow Robinson - Feeling Good (Electric)

Ravenbreed – Echoes

Wildstreet - Set It Off

The Matchstick Skeletons - Told Ya So

Reach - New Frontier

Furyon - Disappear Again

Justin Larmer -Find Your Way Home (feat Jane Gould)

Chris Steven - We All Bleed Red

The Dead Daises - Come Alive

Royal Blood – Typhoons

Ricky Warwick - You Don't Love Me

The Vintage Caravan – Whispers

RinRin - Seek The Truth

ScreamMachine – Demondome

Levara - Automatic

Vega - Grit Your Teeth

Attic Theory - Cold Hard Reality

Pop Evil - Boss's Daughter ft. Mick Mars

The Howling Tides - Crack My Soul

Wearing Scars - Stand Alone

Amorphis - Brother And Sister

Ordan Ogan – Inferno

Black Tree Vultures - Veins


#LRB – Listener Recommended Bands

#MMM – Marias Music Mix

#CMM – Canadian Marias Mix

#Memory Lane – 3 tracks from shows of old!


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