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Ignite Rocks - 257

Ignite Rock Show 257

Two more hours (plus some extra minutes!) of great sounds, positive energy and real talent! These musicians have all got that special quality; the one that feels so good to hear. And you can do that 24/7 from our home in the cloud; you can also FF this show if you so choose, but why would you miss out on the bands before the one to FF to!

Steal The City - Beating Heart

Control the Storm - Desire

Wicked Smile – Killer At Large

The Dust Coda - Breakdown

Chris Steven – We All Bleed Red

The Cruel Knives - The Life That We Made

Red Room Therapy - Karma

The Backlava – Eden

Skyfever - Inside the Fury

Matt Long And The Revenant Ones - Have My Say

As Everything Unfolds - Stranger In The Mirror

Evergrey - Eternal Nocturnal

Enemy Inside - Crystallize

A Ritual Spirit - Dead From The Waist Down

The Pretty Reckless - And So It Went (Feat. Tom Morello)

ACDC - Realize

The Dirty Denims - Thunder from Down Under

Stone Horses - Cheat Lie Steal

Shuulak - Scourge of Aeons

My Kind Of Chaos - Making Zombies

Orden Ogan - Inferno

Shades Of Gray - Are You Ready For Love

Corey Taylor - Samantha's Gone

Durbin - Evil Eye

Halestorm - I Miss The Misery

Emil Bulls - The Ninth Wave

Hells Addition - We're on Fire

Mystic Prophecy - Here Comes The Winter

Inglorious - She Wont Let You Go

The 501s - Rage


#LRB – Listener Recommended Bands

#MMM – Marias Music Mix

#CMM – Canadian Marias Mix

#Memory Lane – 3 tracks from shows of old!


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