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Ignite Rocks - 254

2 hours and 10mins of great vibes and good feelings! Rest assured, there are NO jingle bells or carols on this show; so you could say, it's an escape from all the commercialism of the season! Some new bands to hear, some bands you'll know, some bands from shows of old and..... some tips on something else! We're hear 24/7 so come play with us, when a positive music boost is needed!

50 Year Storm - The Fanlight

King Creature - No Getting Out Alive

Alter Bridge – Last Rites

Ego Kill Talent – Deliverance

Wicked Smile - Wait For The Night

Unknown Refuge - If The Gods Be Good

The Dead Daises - Holy Ground (Shake The Memory)

Royal Republic – Magic

No Fit State - Hit The Ground

The Veer Union – Nightmare

In This Moment - Black Wedding

Asking Alexandria - They Don't Want What We Want

Five Finger Death Punch - Living The Dream

Days Of Jupiter - My Tragedy, My Curse

Kobra & The Lotus - Trigger Pulse

Inglorious - She Wont Let You Go

Tidlewave – Deadhead

Electric Mob - Got Me Runnin'

Ivy Crown - Lonesome and Cold ft. Kim Song Sternkopf

Attic Theory - Cold Hard Reality

Deep Love Foundation - Salvason 606

Celeb Car Crash - Pretend We Are Fine

Wasted History -Uncontested

Nanowar Of Steel - Deep Throat Revolution

HellYeah – Moth

Kaleido – Pretending

Colt48 - Hate Hate Relationship

Skyfever - Americana Fame

Stellaris - This Time Round

Stormbringer - Unto Me


#LRB – Listener Recommended Bands

#MMM – Marias Music Mix

#CMM – Canadian Marias Mix

#Memory Lane – 3 tracks from shows of old!


Spotify & YouTube Playlist

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