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Ignite Rocks - 248

A great escape/layer of protection from all the nonsense going on out there in the world, right now! Music makes everything better and the bands in this show are SO on point with their creative talents, musicality and whole approach to the stuff going on out there. If enjoyed, please spread the vibes with a retweet/share/repost!

Unknown Refuge - To The Light

Five Finger Death Punch - Living The Dream

Escape The Fate - Invincible ft Lindsay Stirling

The Dust Coda – Weakness

Ashen Reach - Epiphany

50 Year Storm -The Fanlight

Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons - Son of a Gun

Tova - Headcount

Reach NYC - Back From The Dead (feat. Jacoby Shaddix)

From Ashes To New - Scars That I'm Hiding (feat. Anders Fridén of In Flames)

A Joker Among Thieves - Stomp On My Heart

Dragged Under - Feel It

Architects – Animals

Kinstrife - Bombs

Escape The Fate – Invincible

Ricky Warwick - Fighting Heart

Thundermother - Dog from Hell

Damon Johnson - Battle Lessons

Stoneface - Breathe

A Perfect Day - All My Life

Full House Brew Crew - Black Flag

Wasted History - Pinball Dreams

Jonathan Linton - Darkness

One And A Half Dog - Game Over

Cielo Drive - Freak Show

One Last Run - Reckless

Red Sun Rising - The Otherside

Cicadastone - Dying In Sunshine

Trident Waters - Six Feet Under


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