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Ignite Rocks - 247

A show with a positive flow – at least that's the idea! Just bands that feel good to hear and leave you feeling good about yourself and everything around you. Please play at a comfortable level, loud enough to block-out all the naysayers and proponents of negativity - what a waste of time & energy they are!

This weeks playlist:

Ravenbreed - Wasted (Over You)

Zero Theorem - Translucent

Corrosive Sweden - Devil Of Mine

Those Damn Crows - King of Second Chances

Inglorious - Where Are You Now

Wicked Stone – The End

Hollywood Undead – Heart Of A Champion (Ft Papa Roach & Ice Nine Kills)

Desert Of Talking Shadows – Silhouette

Broken Witt Rebels – Birmingham (DidBeth Mix)

Them Evils – Coattales

Jordan Red – Hands That Built The World

Amongst Liars – Burn The Vision

White Monkeys – Still Monkeys

The Mercy Kills – Fall

Volster – Revolution

Browsing Collection - Till I Do No More

ACDC - Shot in the Dark

Ragdoll - Save Me

Defecto - Rise

Sinners Blood - Remember Me

Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons - Bite My Tongue

Bitchin' Hour - Viper Woman

28Double - Grind

Disciples of Babylon – Liberty

Three Left - Whiskey Bent And Hellbound

Royal Blood - Out Of The Black

Ditchwater - Enemy of the People

Unleash The Archers - Legacy

Porn - Perpetual Grin

Blackbird Sons - You Really Got It


Spotify & YouTube Playlist

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1 Comment

Great station! I can't believe I have waited so long to find you!! Love the tunes :)

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