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Ignite Rocks - 244

'Some music to warm the bits that need warming (!) as we enter winter! 30 bands in 2hrs and a bit! All the bands have a definite feel-good my humble opinion! Do you agree? If you do... please share, retweet & repost to spread the word. Publicity is everything for the bands, the pluggers, the show and Billy, down the road!'

Devilfire - Dead Man Walking

Dragged Under - Just Like Me

Unknown Refuge - To the Light

Stone Broken - Worth Fighting For

Monster Truck - Denim Danger

Hollowstar – Sinner

As Sirens Fall - The Wide Awake Club

Rascalton - Places We Go

Matt Mitchell and The Coldhearts - Unavailable (Remix)

Zero Theorem – Translucent

Blame The Sacred - The Violence

Them Evils – Coattails

Stone Deaf – Polaroid

The What If Generation - Grim Limousine

Scuttlers - Sun's Gone In On Me

Furyon - Disappear Again

Electric Black Horse - Stone Foxx

Rhyme - Party Right

Ashes to Omens - War Cry

28 Double – Grind

Blitz - Dance On Fire

Farewell to Fear - I Wont Be Your Tragedy

SKAM - Green Eyes

Kingdom Of Giants – Wayfinder

Disturbed – Indestructible

Delain - April Rain

Five Finger Death Punch - Wash It All Away

HammerFall - Never Forgive, Never Forget (Live)

Thousand Foot Krutch - Running With Giants (Live)

Parkway Drive - The Void (Live)


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Ignite AMR
Ignite AMR
Oct 12, 2020

Hi Leonie thanks for getting in touch! Where can we hear you music?


Would love to talk to you guys about maybe featuring my band! Bitchin Hour - 5 piece all female rock band based in and around Guildford Surrey.

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