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Ignite Rocks - 241

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Two hours + of talented musicians creating music that I really do believe 'feels good to hear!' Come have a listen & see if you agree with me. Good energy leads to smiles, laughter and positive moments. It's also a great defence against those boring, tedious naysayers out there! If you haven't got anything good to say.....................stay silent! #MusiciansWillSaveHumanity

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South Of Salem - Cold Day In Hell

Kingdom Of Giants – Wayfinder

Farewell To Fear – I Won't Be Your Tragedy

Shotgun Mistress – Glorious Machine

Gallows Circus – Medicine Man

Unknown Refuge – To The Light

Everyday Heroes – The Crow

Vicious Rooster – The Moon Is Dancing

King Creature – Wisdom Told

The Last Element – Blood Diamond

Skam – Green Eye

Killer Be Killed – Deconstructing Self Destruction

\Shades Of Grey – Tied Up in Love

Blackbird Sons – You Really Got it

Amongst Liars – Burn The Vision

Crown Lands – Sun Dance

Silent Deeds – Come Alive

Graham Green – Danube Blues

Jordan Red – Hands That Built The World

Heavyman – Pigs

Wildstreet – Three Way Ride

My Kind Of Chaos -Stop Running

Perfect Parachute Picture – Working Machine

Rawkus Redz – Fat Cats

Wicked Stone – Unchained

Hellhorse – Overboard

Black Map – Run Rabbit Run

Beyond The Break – Pictures Of Losing Sleep

Foxer – The Cult Of Perfection

Black Stone Cherry - Again


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