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Ignite Rocks - 236

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Starting off with 3 more bands that will be playing Webfest 3 this weekend 15th 16th August (BBQ, Beer & Friends at your place event!).... ...then a selection of bands, some you'll know, some you may have heard of and some, to hear for the first time! Show includes the #TripleM, #CMM and #Memory Lane Sets! One thing these bands all have in common; they ALL sound SO good to hear!

Devilfire - Dead Man Walking

Haxan - Skeletons

Devience - Holding Me Back

The Cherry Truck Band - Love Becomes Law

The Jailbirds - Dull My Brain

Kobra And The Lotus – Burn

Tova - Absent

Delilah Bon - Bad Attitude

Dirtycakes – Photograph

Kingdom Collapse - Staring Into Nothing

Rews - Today We're Warriors

Blitz - One In A Million

Black Whiskey - Bitter Pill

Killit - I Aint Playing Your Game

Massive Wagons - House Of Noise

Aviator Shades – Ready To Blow

Trucker Diablo – Voodoo II

ThunderMother – Into The Mud

Bleed Again – Survive

Cavalcade - Midnight Comes

The Vendettas – Face To Face

The Uneven – Punching Bag

Jet Fuel Chemistry – Sleep

Primal Fear – Hear Me Calling

#Memory Lane

Shinedown – Cut The Cord

Delain – April Rain

Poynte – The Villain

Sleeping With Sirens – Talking To Myself

Styper – Make Love Great Again

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