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Ignite Rocks - 298

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Ignite Rocks 298 Blog

A show filled with the positive energy these fantastically creative musicians generate with their craft. They really are amazing people and SO worth seeing live and in person!

Matt Long And The Revenant Ones - So

Tremonti - Thrown Further

Planet Fatale - Break For You

Circus 66 - Jekyll Or Hyde

Florence Black - Sun & Moon

Gallows Circus - Hell's Whiskey

The Darkness - It's Love, Jim

Night Thieves - Atoned

Florence Black - So Far Away

Less Than Hollow - The Better Man

Feral Sun - Stand Up

10 Gauge -Judgement Day

The Blue Lena - Last Chance Saloon

The Georgia Thunderbolts - It's Alright

Swamp Born Assasins - Walk Tall

Trucker Diablo - I Am Still Alive

Supreme Unbeing - Face Of Evil

Twister - Call To Arms

Mellor - Lost In This World

Jaime Ainslie – FTS

Attic Theory - Cold Hard Reality

Illusions of Grandeur - The Siren

Northtale - Midnight Bells

Winterburn – Dogtown

#MemoryLane (3 tracks from shows of old – a few years ago!)

Idlewar – Break

June Divided – Bullet

Like A Storm - Wish You Hell

Manimal - Chains Of Fury

Signs Of Truth - Play The Game


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First show we look at 10 great covers Ignite Rocks select 1 Covers 1


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