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Tuesday Rocks - 200


If you would like to request a track, plug your band or just say hi, scroll to the bottom and leave a comment \m/

Executioner’s Tax (Swing Of The Axe) — Power Trip

I’m Ready — Mammoth Mammoth

Stone The Crow — DOWN

Colossus — Huntsmen

Claws — 1000 Mods

Black Flame — Bury Tomorrow

Trapped — Crystal Spiders

Dazed And Confused — Led Zeppelin

Step Into You — Hum

War Pigs — Faith No More

Evil (Is Going On) — Howlin’ Wolf

Riding A Shotgun — Dead Blonde Stars

Schismogenesis — Suncraft

Burn The Vision — Amongst Liars

Mayhem And Sex — Las Historias

Stoke The Fire — Seether

Hey Joe — Otis Taylor

This Is Why We Ride — Body Count

Midsummer Days — Wasteland Coven

Whitechapel — Dead At Eleven

My Jacket (Is Better Than Your Jacket) — The Blue Carpet Band

Goodbye — Supersuckers

One For The Road — Emergency Bitter


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