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Tuesday Rocks - 198

WE ARE TUESDAY ROCKS....AND WE PLAY ROCK 'N ROLL!!!! If you would like to request a track, plug your band or just say hi, scroll to the bottom and leave a comment \m/

Rogaland — Kvelertak

Another World — Gojira

Doctor Doctor — UFO

Feeding Our Demons — Grajo

Serpent — Sleeping Giant

Decent — Jabba

The Wolf Bites Back — Orange Goblin

Love — Colour Haze

Sails — Elephant Tree

Wayfaring Stranger — Jack White

I Got Mine — The Black Keys

Splitfire — Diarchy

Suicide By Drummer — Curse The Son

Who Keeps Score — Ruff Majik

Beg — Seether

Down In A Hole — Khemmis

Bastard’s Blues — Brother Dege

Let Go — Bad Touch

Specular Oblivion — Red Moon Shaman

Mass Vendetta — The Senton Bombs

Good Morning Midnight — Backyard Babies

Alcohol — Hell’s Addiction

One For The Road — Emergency Bitter


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