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Ignite HEAVY - 55

Playing New Bands & Music With A Heavy Feel...We’re Up Here In The Cloud , So Available To Play Whenever You’re Ready....But Remember Some Clouds Are Dark & Heavy..... #Doomstone

Redscale — The Old Colossus

Mentor — Equal In The Fire

# From The Vaults 🔉

Venom — Leave Me In Hell

High Desert Queen — The Wheel

Tenebra — Solve Et Coagula

# All Around The World 🌎🔉

Atlantic South — Lost Cause

Bullet For My Valentine — Rainbow Veins

# Newcastle 🇬🇧 Alternative Stoners DUNES 🔉Pick Their Old New Borrowed and Blues Tracks 🔉🔉🔉🔉

Deep Purple — Bloodsucker

The Bronx — Curb Feelers

Weedeater — Gimme Back My Bullets

Tom Waits — Make It Rain

Dunes — Circles

Thrice — The Color Of The Sky

Wage War — Circle The Drain

# The Sterno Selection 🔉

Ghostkid — Fool

Empty Friend — Falter

Mournful Cries — Evil Confessor

# Unplugged 🔉

Clutch — The Regulator (Acoustic)

Wych Elm — Scolds Bridle

Iron Maiden — The Parchment

# From The Vaults 🔉

Saint Vitus — Saint Vitus

Nashville Pussy — Wrong Side Of A Gun

Aggressive Perfector — Turbo Evil

Supersuckers — Goodbye


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