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Come be a part of our Ignite Sessions

  • Have 3 songs recorded and filmed live at our studio in Horsham. Your sessions will be uploaded to our YouTube channel, IGTV, FaceBook & website amongst 100+ other sessions for just £150


  • After the videos go live you will also receive 30 second teaser videos for you to share on all your social media pages. You can also embed the YouTube videos straight to your website.   

  • Want copies of the audio and video? No problem, get all the audio & video masters for an extra £150   

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Available equipment


  • Mapex 5 piece drum kit with 3 cymbal stands.

    (please bring cymbals & if you would prefer to use you own, bring Snare & pedals)


  • Guitar amps – Mesa solo 50 – Blackstar S1 200 – Marshall JCM 2000

    (heads and cabs – No channels switches)


  • Bass amp – Ampeg SVT 4x10 ( Please bring Bass Head)


  • Can have up to 3 vocals



Monitoring is done over headphones. The studio has 1 set but if you bring head phones there are

spaces for 3 more sets (4 sets total)

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