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Ignite Rocks - 294

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Two hours of energy & sound from bands that really do 'Feel good to hear!' AND available 24/7 for when it suits your desire for some drums, bass, guitar and vocal stimulation! (time in brackets next to the 1st of each 3 is the time the set begins! Yes, you can FF to that point, if you wish!)


Kissin'Dynamite - What Goes Up

Skam - Fade Out

Dead Reynolds - Not My Place

Zero Theorem – Joke (12:04)

Hearts & Hand Grenades - Between The Lines

Florence Black - Can You Feel It

Florence Black Merch link:

Amongst Liars – Crucify (23:24)

Nightblade - Wake Up

The Dead Daisies - Saving Grace

Shyyne - Movin' On (36:20)

Devilfire - Dream Evil

Liberty Lies – Slower

Turanis - The Playground (51:00)

10Gauge -Judgement Day

Black Water Fiend - Bring The Fire

Tremonti - If Not For You (1:02:10)

Less Than Hollow - Critical

Ceddy Braugs – Bigot

WEBB - When Darkness Falls (1:13:05)

Kris Barras - Dead Horses

Suspyria - The Damage

Sorrow and the Spire - In The City Tonight (1:25:50)

The Lucid - Maggot Wind

Dead Dirty Dinosaurs – Catalyst

#Memory Lane (3 tracks from old shows!)

HellYeah – Moth (1:37:44)

Devilskin - Mountains

Ravenbreed - Wasted (Over You)

Vega - Beautiful Lie (1:51:51)

Trivium - Feast Of Fire


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