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Ignite Rocks - 276

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

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Just over 2 hours of great bands, unique creativity, feel good vibes and... that wondrous positive energy that only musicians know how to instil in us - amazing people that they are!

With the live scene coming back to life, which of these bands will you be buying tickets to see live? Check out their pages across the social media platforms!

Sumo Cyco – Vertigo

The Dead Daisies - Like No Other

Gonebad – Shells

False Hearts – Remedy

Hollowstar – Sinner

Wolf Jaw - Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

Crobot - Kiss It Goodbye (feat. Howard Jones)

Salem's Bend - Show Me the Witch

Mr Vampire – CNN

Feral Sun - Blame

Red Calling – Torture

Concrete Kingdoms – Awake

Social Disorder - Love 2 Be Hated

Skam - Circles

Shyyne - Movin' On

These Wicked Rivers - The Enemy

Naked Gypsy Queens – Georgiana

Arogya - Misery's Lair

Vambo - Why Why Why

Greyface - Underground Star

Herman Frank - Teutonic Order

The Cold Stares - Hard Times

Damon Johnson - Talk Yourself Into Anything

The Hot One Two -Tie Me Down

7 Days Away – Elevate

Able Archer - Ghostmaker

Kingdom Collapse – Suffer

Cicadastone - Red Eye Raven

Papa Roach - Broken As Me (ft Danny Worsnop)


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