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Ignite Rocks - 264

An escape from all the speculation, accusations, hearsay, opinions and all that negative crap! We don't do 'he said/she said' gossip on this show; just great music from some very talented musicians! And we're here 24/7 for you – one of many advantages of being in the cloud!

Time to click and play!

Evergrey - The Beholder (ft James LaBrie)

Wildstreet - Set It Off

The BlackLava – Eden

Hollowstar - Let You Down

Metalite - Cloud Connected

Skam - Wake Up

Verity White - A Little Bit Of Trouble

Glitchers – Tunnels

Amongst Liars - Black Days

Lowlives - I Don't Like You

Ugly Kid Joe - Everything About You

10 Gauge - I'm Broken

Dirty Honey – Heartbreaker

Orden Ogan – Inferno

Thieves Of Liberty - Mr Illusions

Blue Öyster Cult - That Was Me

The Sword - Hammer Of Heaven

Electric Black Horse - Stone Fox

Greenleaf - Love Undone

Beastwood - Electric Gangbang

Robin McAuley - Standing On The Edge

Shedonist -Daddy

RinRin - Seek The Truth

Ragdolls – Shine

Monster Truck - Things Get Better

Divdes - Bad Day

Volbeat - The Devil's Bleeding Crown

Slowmo75 - Battered and Torn

Architects – Meteor

Black Pistol Fire – Level


#LRB – Listener Recommended Bands

#MMM – Marias Music Mix

#CMM – Canadian Marias Mix

#Memory Lane – 3 tracks from shows of old!


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