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Ignite Rocks - 242

We got the timing right, 30 tracks in 2hrs! Music with a feel good energy with no ads, gaps or negative news breaks; Just that wonderful energy that real musicians generate for us to enjoy. Lets celebrate the musicans we have amongst us Can we get this trending?! #SaveTheMusiciansSaveTheWorld #STMSTW

If you have any requests, want to plug you band or just say hi, scroll to the bottom and leave us a comment

SixxAM – You've Come To The Right Place

Gallows Circus – Medicine Man

Blame The Sacred: Six Shots Of Hate

Skam – Green Eyes

Ortario – Losing Control

The Last Element – Blood Diamond

Dirty Cakes – Resist 45

Psyence – Tusk

The Files – Directors Cut

Shinedown – Attention Attention

Jordan Red – Hands That Built the World

Alterbridge – In The Deep

Dragged Under - Just Like me

Shades Of Gray – WamBam

Newcastle Kings – Problem Solver

Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons – Son Of A Gun

Heavy Tiger – I Go For The Cheap Ones

Blue Oyster Cult – That Was Me

A Perfect Day – Give It Away

Amongst Liars - Burn The Vision

A Joker Amongst Thieves – Stomp On My Heart

Black Tree Vultures – The Unforseen

The Hot One Two – Rolling Stone

Bluhauz – Everyday

In This Moment – Sick like me

Theia – Throw me A Bone

Lacuna Coil – Infection

Motionless In White – Somebody Told Me

Celeb Car Crash – Poor me

Unleash The Archers – Faster Than Light


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