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Ignite HEAVY - 63

Playing New Bands & Music With A Heavy Feel...We’re Up Here In The Cloud , So Available To Play Whenever You’re Ready....But Remember Some Clouds Are Dark & Heavy..... #Doomstone

JakeTheHawk — Counting 10,000 Years — March Of The Ancient Queen # Back In The Day Trouble — At The End Of My Daze Slow Green Thing — Medusa’s Spell Black Label Society — End Of Days # All Around The World Shree 3 — King Of Horns Indus Valley Kings — Remains Of Yesterday # Philadelphia Heavy Blues Stoner Rockers The AGE OF TRUTH Pick Their Old New Borrowed and Blues Tracks Yes — And You And I Planet Of Zeus — All These Happy People Iron Maiden — Cross Eyed Mary John Lee Hooker,Canned Heat — Let’s Make It The Age Of Truth — Salome Red Moon Shaman — Mindcrawler # The Sterno Selection Architects — Giving Blood Grande Fox — Rottenness Of Youth # Unplugged The Jujubes — Where Are We Now Book Of Wyrms — Dracula Practice Harakiri For The Sky — I’m All About The Dusk # From The Vaults Slipknot — Wait And Bleed Kal-El — Cometa Monster Magnet — Motorcycle (Staight To Hell) Supersuckers — Goodbye


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